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Shing Zhi

Resident Shinobi


Shing is an accomplished mercenary spy. He worked heavily in the Sengoku (warring states) in Feudal Japan, circa 15th century. His primary responsibility there was espionage, but he is also well trained in infiltration, sabotage, and martial arts. Adept at disguise, Shing has been known to dress as a Buddhist monk in order to conceal his weapons 'neath the flowing robes. Or to cunningly employ a shakuhachi (very big basket), to cover his whole head, thereby evading recognition entirely.


Shing is also practiced in  the art of kuji-kiri (a string of nine words and incantations derived from Taoism), which enables him to perform superhuman feats. He has been known to render his opponent helplessly immobile, to fly, to split into many bodies, and to become invisible.


In the course of his career as a ninjutsu, Shing has been required to pose as an entertainer in order to infiltrate the courts of his enemies (most notably the court of Uesugi Kenshin, the famous daimyo of Echigo province, whom Shing approached, demurely posing as Kate Hardcastle in a touring production of Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer, and surprised the entire audience by lighting Uesugi on fire during the curtain call using a rudimentary flame thrower.)


Shing came to share a love of the arts, and has deigned to join New Fortune as the long wished for Resident 'Reply Email' Shinobi. His chief responsibility is tracking down unlucky individuals who have not bothered to respond to work related emails. He then springs upon them when they least expect it (most notably, appearing from thin air in the passenger seat of a moving car), screaming,  'Reply Email!' and vanishing.




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