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"What news my lord?" -Hamlet 1, v

2017 Craig Noel Nominees

January 1st, 2018

New Fortune's Liaisons is nominated for OUTSTANDING FEMALE LEAD (Jessica John), OUTSTANDING FEMALE FEATURED PERFORMANCE (Amanda Schaar), and OUTSTANDING LIGHTING DESIGN (A.J. Paulin)! And our fearless leader, Richard Baird, is up for OUTSTANDING DIRECTION for NCRT's Of Mice and Men!

New Fortune Theatre Company Stages Reading Of George Orwell’s Classic ‘1984’

March 17, 2017

KPBS - Beth Accomando

New Fortune Theatre Company warns that attending its staged reading of "1984" is committing a "ThoughtCrime."

KPBS arts reporter interviews A.D. Richard Baird about 1984, produced in collaboration with the San Diego Public Library!

Liaisons Preview

Josh Carr - KUSI News

"A company started by a number of well known and respected actors, so, it's great to see these new companies coming in... Ultimately growing into a new Theatre. You know what? Bring it on, that's great, that's more theatre for us!"

New Fortune Theatre risks epic revenge with Les Liaisons Dangereuses

January 24, 2017

Jeff Smith, San Diego Reader

"Accomplished actors. Loaded with nuance... A kind of secular miracle... Audiences accustomed to the pace and Panzer assault of most movies might find it talky and tame. But it’s as violent as previews of coming attractions. The difference: except for a superbly realistic swordfight, the demolitions are internal."


January 17, 2017

Jack Lyons, Desert Star

"It’s a gorgeously costumed, engaging romp... Sexy and poignant... A director's dream; a true ensemble cast... A splendid production, chock full of terrific performances... A stellar, first rate, winning production."

Liaisons of the dangerous kind, New Fortune cast revels in a classic

January 18, 2017

David Coddon, San Diego City Beat

"A bold realization of Hampton’s 1985 play... Irresistible performances...  This New Fortune production is yes, very sexy, but also a penetrating discourse on the games people play."

Fortune Theatre presents ‘Liaisons’

January 20, 2017

Charlene Baldridge, Gay San Diego

"Produced in splendid style... Astonishing...  Unfolds as one smooth, lascivious moment. Magnificent."

Bien joué and thumbs up to New Fortune’s “ Les Liaisons Dangereuses”

January 19, 2017

Carol Davis - Carol's Reviews

"Stylish, elegant and posh. Beautifully choreographed... nothing misses a step. They hit the nail on the head with this visceral production. The chemistry boils, broils and sparkles."
"One hell of a show."

Theatre Review: "Les Liaisons Dangereuses"

January 18, 2017

Jean Lowerison - SDGLN

"Fine acting on display... A triumph... Excellent."

"Les Liaisons Dangereuses" New Fortune Theatre

January 19, 2017

Pat Launer - Jazz 88.3


"A deliciously wicked piece of seduction and manipulation. Irresistible...Breathtaking... A superb production... Witty direction... this production – sexy, ravishing and disarming – proves to be an indulgence that satiates and satisfies."

Review: New Fortune's Liaisons

January 16, 2017

James Hebert

"Strong and varied performances. Cocksure... Affecting... Completely convincing."

New Fortune delves into the sensual (and scheming) with 'Liaisons'

January 3, 2017

James Hebert - UT San Diego

"There’s nothing modest about “Les Liaisons Dangereuses.” Certainly not the play’s scope — nor the conduct of its characters. “It’s a beast,” says Richard Baird, who’s both co-directing and starring in New Fortune Theatre’s revival of the piece. “It’s a big, 18-scene epic, with lots of bodice-ripping and sword-fighting. So it’s very exciting.”

Emerging San Diego theater company New Fortune rolls the dice on a big show

December 23, 2016

David Coddon - San Diego Magazine

“This is the first full professional production of Liaisons in San Diego,” Baird says. It’s in line with New Fortune’s motto: “Great plays, rarely done: Theatre for the Daring.” Baird and Schaar are encouraged by the direction San Diego is headed as a theater city, with not only its thriving and long-established companies but with others that are emerging on the scene and offering arts to a broader community.

Funny, Dark ‘Troilus and Cressida’

July 26, 2016

San Diego Story - Martin Jones Westlin

"Troilus and Cressida — as much a nod to Bill’s sense of humor as to artistic director Richard Baird’s clout among established local artists."

"The voice was the role, and to a person, everybody contributed accordingly and wonderfully."


February 9, 2016



Many congratulations to Dana for her performance as Meg in The Birthday Party. This is one of the most crowded catagories among the awards. And congratulations to all the Craig Noel nominees and winners!

San Diego theatre year in review

December 30, 2015

Jeff Smith- SD Reader


"I wish everyone could have seen: Dana Hooley’s eerie innocence in New Fortune’s The Birthday Party; Richard Baird’s obsessive thug in The Birthday Party, and his appropriately unfathomable Jerry in North Coast Rep’s Betrayal"

Best of 2015

December 28, 2015

Jean Lowerison- SDGLN


"Richard Baird was riveting in two Pinter plays (New Fortune Theatre’s “The Birthday Party” (at Moxie); “Betrayal” at North Coast Rep) and in New Fortune’s “Henry V” at ion


And Dana Hooley was fascinating as the proprietress of a sometime boarding house in New Fortune Theatre’s production of Pinter’s “The Birthday Party,” in which everybody either lies or is deluded."

Dark 'Birthday' shines with clarity

August 16, 2015

Pam Kragen- UT San Diego


"a first-rate ensemble.... engrossing...Pinter relished the vagaries of “The Birthday Party,” which can be maddeningly frustrating for audiences in the wrong hands. Fortunately, it’s in the right hands with New Fortune." 

Absurdist inquisition

Aug. 17, 2015

 Jeff Smith- SD Reader




"New Fortune Theatre opened its doors with a stunning production of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Honoring its pledge to stage the classics and classic contemporary works, the company leaps from St. Crispin’s Day, 1415, to an unnamed, English seaside town, 1958. The leap is impressive."

New Fortune Theatre Does Pinter’s Disturbing ‘Birthday Party’ Right

August 21, 2015

Pat Launer- Times of San Diego


"a harrowing event that, when it’s done right, is hard to forget.

At New Fortune Theatre, under the direction of Richard Baird, it’s done right, indeed. The endless looping dialogue, the lies, the non sequiturs, the delusion of self and others, the obliteration of a man before our eyes: These are all carefully wrought, perfectly timed, expertly acted and directed"

A Party from Hell

August 19, 2015

Carol Davis- The Examiner


“deftly directed…frighteningly bizarre…worthy of five stars.”

The Birthday Party: Review

August 16, 2015

Jenni Prisk- Scene by Jenni Prisk


“You Have to see The Birthday Party produced by New Fortune Theatre Company… this production is a palpable hit… These people know Pinter; long may their Fortunes reign!”

THEATER REVIEW: “The Birthday Party”

August 19, 2015

Jean Lowerison- SDGLN


“Terrific performances… excellent company… chilling… brilliant”

Quite a ‘Party’

August 16, 2015

Charlene Baldridge


"amazing production – so well cast, produced and directed... All that New Fortune needs is money to sustain such excellence. Baird’s Poor Players did astonishing work on bare stages and in warehouses. If New Fortune had the wherewithal they could be a major contender."



New Fortune’s ‘Birthday Party’ Puzzles and Enlightens

August 16, 2015



"New Fortune’s debut production, Shakespeare’s Henry V, popped up last fall and promptly won breathless reviews and two Craig Noel Awards. This smart and striving sophomore production is likely to bring additional honors."



New Fortune maps new season

May 28, 2015

James Hebert- UT San Diego


"...the classically minded company — made up of a host of seasoned stage talents — returns this summer for its second go-round. This time, New Fortune has three productions planned through next June."

2014 Craig Noel Award Winners

February 10, 2015

Broadway World


New Fortune Theatre Co., which launched in 2014, took home two prizes for its' production of Shakespeare's "Henry V," a lead acting prize for Richard Baird and for its co-directors Baird and Matthew Henerson.

Theatre-Awards Nominees Named

January 1, 2015

James Hebert- UT San Diego


New Fortune is proud to be nominated for:


Outstanding Male Lead- Richard Baird

Outstanding Direction-

Richard Baird and Matthew Henerson

Outstanding Sound Design-

Matt Lescault Wood

Year end views, re-views, and re-reviews

December 31, 2014

Jeff Smith- The Reader


"New Fortune Theatre Company opened with a blazing Henry V... Baird excelled as the grown-up Prince Hal, and the ensemble work was tops"

2014: The Year in Theatre

December 26, 2014

James Hebert- UT San Diego


"A band of distinguished young pros launched New Fortune Theatre"

"Best of Theatre" list in 2014

December 23, 2014

Jean Lowerison- SDGLN


"We saw a long list of terrific and diverse productions this year. Among my favorites... New Fortune’s Henry V"

Bravos for 2014

December 23, 2014

Martin Jones- San Diego Story


"Bravo." "With it's edgy, modernistic take on Shakespeare...San Diego is delighted to have (Baird) and his excitingly reconstituted venture."

2014: The Theatre Year in Review

December 18, 2014

Charlene Baldridge- SD News


"...New Fortune presented an excellent         Henry V...Let's hope for more from them"

Henry in Transition

November 5, 2014

Jeff Smith- SD Reader


"No need to “piece together” any “imperfections”; they come in full roar."


"Complex, deep and amazing performance"

The Battle of Agincourt

November 4, 2014

Jeff Smith- SD Reader


"An outstanding production"

Great Henry V: What's Old is New

November 4, 2014

Martin Jones Westlin- San Diego Story


"An altogether excellent look at Shakespearean fare"

Theatre Review: HENRY V

October 29, 2014

Jean Lowerison- SDGLN


"Bravo to all and welcome"

"Henry V": New Fortune Theatre

October 31, 2014

Pat Launer- Jazz 88.3


"Breathtaking" "Outstanding ensemble"

Auspicious Advent

October 31, 2014

Charlene Baldridge- Gay San Diego


"Admirable, heroic and human" "Do not miss"

New Fortune Debuts with Henry V

October 29, 2014

David Coddon- City Beat


"...Quite an achievement... startling precision"

Lively Henry V is a Strong Debut for New Fortune

October 27, 2014

Union Tribune- Pam Kragen


"Some of San Diego’s most talented artists are collaborating in the launch of New Fortune. Here’s to hoping it earns a permanent place in the local theater scene and it lives up to its providential name."

Critic's Pick!

October 26, 2014

SD Reader- Jeff Smith


"An impressive opening statement" Henry V is Critic's Pick!

Stage Entrance

October 12, 2014

Union Tribune- James Hebert


Adding to the sense of consequence around the birth of New Fortune — the most high-profile company to go live here in several years — is the fact that its production of “Henry V” opens Oct. 25.

That date is otherwise known as St. Crispin’s Day, an occasion immortalized in the famous speech Henry delivers (“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers …”) before riding to improbable glory at the Battle of Agincourt.

New translations, New Fortune

October 12, 2014

The Reader- Jeff Smith


"...Fortuna. She 'promised riches and abundance for those with joyful intentions.' "

"Grandiosity has its Place"

September 5, 2012

San Diego City Beat's David Coddon has an interview with Artistic Director, Richard Baird...

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