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"Inspired and diverting..."

- Stage West

"An exceptional cast...

Enchants simply with Shakespeare's words...


A joy to watch..."

-Union Tribune

"It's a double delight... The performances are delectable..."

-Times of San Diego

"You won’t just like it, you’ll love it!" -Scene


"All are in peak form... this was how Shakespeare meant it to be... As You Like It marks an inspired and diverting return for New Fortune Theater Company. See it some summer evening before it closes." - David Coddon, STAGE WEST 

Stellar Moments, Gifted Directors:

Critic Pat Launer Recalls

the Best in 40 Years of San Diego Theater

"New Fortune Theatre ...recently offered a delectable outdoor As You Like It.”

"An exceptional 15-member cast who bring vitality, honesty and heart to the playwright’s lyrical language... As You Like It is a joy to watch because these actors inhabit their roles so fully and they understand their characters’ words and motivations. There are no false notes." - Pam Kragen 


STAGE WEST: Looking Back at San Diego theater in 2022 

For the five most outstanding plays and musicals of 2022 …

As You Like It: New Fortune Theatre Company returned with a gloriously unfettered staging of Shakespeare’s romp in the Forest of Arden...


You were seeing The Bard the way his work was meant to be seen.

"It’s always felicitous when a play with an outdoor setting is performed outdoors... 

Now, it’s a double delight — to have an under-the-stars “As You Like It” coupled with the return of New Fortune Theatre." - Pat Launer,


UNION TRIBUNE: The top 10 San Diego theater productions of 2022

As You Like It: Richard Baird and Amanda Schaar’s classical theater company made a welcome return from a three-year pause with director Dan Hodge’s marvelously understated and clearly told outdoor production of this pastoral comedy.

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